Light Up Your Life Society Silent Auction - This event has already occurred

Sunday, November 27, 2022 8:00 am



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Support the Light Up Your Life Society's 2022 campaign with the online silent auction! This year's fundraising goal is $100,000 to support a structural addition to the WesView Hospice. Since Hospice opened in July of 2014, over 600 people have called the hospice home.

This addition will provide much needed space for families and friends to gather for meals and companionship and/or privacy and peaceful reflection. When spending extended periods of time with their loved ones, it will afford them the opportunity to rest and refresh themselves while remaining close. This enhancement to our hospice will bring it another step closer to not only providing exceptional care for the patients, but care and support for the families and close friends as well. The LUYL Society believes in this philosophy and has done, and continues to do, all that we can to support the patients, families, friends and staff who care for those who call Hospice “Home” at the end of their lives.

Thank you for participating in the Online Auction, and helping us “reach for the stars” again this year.

The Society is 100% volunteer-run, and as such on average 97% of what is raised each year is used to directly benefit those in need in our own communities.

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