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Sunday, December 5, 2021 12:00 a.m.




  • Seniors
  • Youth
  • Family
  • Adult

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Who doesn’t love getting a Christmas card in the mail? Our community has several retirement and assisted living homes for seniors. With the current restrictions, many of these individuals may not be able to see their families over the holiday season. Brighten their day with a homemade card.

We have also included a list of the various places you can drop your card off. 


Have you ever noticed that if you have a bunch of popsicle sticks for crafts, they never seem to get used up? It’s like dust or Canadian Tire money: even though you get rid of some, more just show up! This craft is the solution for you! These cute popsicle stick ornaments will look great on your tree or as a decorative topper on any gift.  


We may not all have some Ukrainian heritage, but most of us love a great homemade pierogi. Sure, you can buy them at the store, but they are fun to make and so delicious when they’re homemade! If you don’t have Baba’s recipe, try this one.

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